Lawn Seasons

Jackrabbit Lawn Care divides the year into three work seasons. They begin and end according to the whims of nature.

Mowing Season — April through September. Sometimes including parts of March or October.

This is when grass is growing and needs to be mowed. During this time Jackrabbit Lawn Care focuses on on scheduled mowing and is seldom available for other tasks.

Leaves Season — Usually November.

Grass is probably dormant now. Leaves mostly trickle from the trees but sometimes there is a freeze and they fall at once. Customers decide if leaves should be raked after they all fall or as needed or left.

When the grass stays later than usual and the leaves fall early this will overlap with mowing season.

Off Season — Usually November through March. Often overlaps with leaves season.

Grass is dormant and the leaves have fallen so there is little work for Jackrabbit Lawn Care during this time and odd jobs, on call, and intermittent work is welcome.